Meet our Extreme Dive Adventure guides. Our professional guides are ready to take you on the Extreme Dive Adventure of a lifetime. Our professional guides offer years of dive experience and have traveled the world looking for the best dive spots to take you to.

Billy RayJohn William Morris

John William Morris (Billy Ray) has 24 years experience as a professional Maritime Archaeologist. Having participated in hundreds of maritime projects throughout the world, his past projects and detailed works have elevated him to be considered one of the best in his field of study. During his career, Mr. Morris was an integral team member for the ten-year maritime archaeological investigation of the CSS Alabama lost off of  Cherbourg, France in 1864. Mr. Morris also served as the field director for the Yorktown Shipwreck Archaeological Project. Furthermore, under contract for the Bermuda Maritime Museum from 1992 to 1998, Mr. Morris worked on many of Bermudas 300 plus wrecks including the “Santa Lucia” project. While in Bermuda, Mr. Morris was contracted to do a detailed drawing of the shipwreck “Santa Lucia” for Bermudas $50.00 note. Since that time, Billy Ray has founded the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program Inc (LAMP) in St Augustine Fl and is constantly in demand for his expertise on hull interpretation and vessel reconstruction for many of the most important maritime archaeological projects throughout the world. An accomplished team leader, he is currently the President and chief principle investigator for Southeastern Archaeological Services, Inc (SEAS).

When not hard at work, Billy Ray can typically be found searching for a great set of waves to fulfill his passion for surfing.

CurtCurt Bowen

Founder, publisher, and owner of Advanced Diver Magazine, the worlds largest advanced to technical diving publication, Curt Bowen has traveled across North and South America, the Bahamas, and the Pacific in search of previous undiscovered caves, wrecks, and reefs.

Specializing in extreme underwater photography, cave cartography, and graphic illustration he has produced over 50 dive magazine issues, hundreds of dive related editorials, and assisted with the discovery of multiple significant underwater archaeological sites, hundreds of unknown caves, and even several new species of underwater cave life.


  • 1995 Founder-Deeptech Journal
  • 1999 Founder-Advanced Diver Magazine
  • 2007 Founder ADM E-Zine
  • 2007 Founder ADM Productions
  • 2008 Founder-ADM Exploration Foundation


  • Logged over 5000 dives with max depth of 498 feet
  • Expedition coordinator for the 1989 to 1994 Gulf of Mexico Deep Exploration Team, who explored numerous sub sea cave systems to depths in excess of 435 feet.
  • Expedition coordinator and cave cartographer of the following cave survey projects: Sulfur Springs, Warm Mineral Springs, Little Salt, Gator Siphon.
  • Expedition coordinator 1999-2008 Yucatan Cave Expeditions.
  • Explored and documented over 400 previously unexplored caves and cenotes for the Mexican Department of Archaeology and Ecology.
  • Discovered the “Well of Time,” National Geographic special, November 2002


Ali Falcone

Born a true adventurer, Ali has always possessed an enthusiasm for the outdoors. She was first certified to dive while finishing her degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia. An instant attraction to the underwater world led Ali to become an extremely talented and prolific diver.  After receiving her SCUBA instructor certificate, Ali used her natural teaching abilities to certify individuals of all ages and ethnicities in many levels of SCUBA. Ali exudes her passion for the outdoors and especially the underwater realm, and is always thrilled to introduce divers to something new or “off the beaten path.” Ali is Full Cave certified and can often be found readying her Rebreather to explore some new wreck or cave system. Her experience encompasses diving both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America, and throughout the Caribbean.Ali Extreme Dive Adventures Guide

Not jaded by her past experiences and adventures, Ali enjoys all forms of diving from the minutia of shallow reefs to the ominous grandeur of a wall dive where the bottom drops away to a seemingly endless abyss. Ali is also an accomplished photographer/ videographer and is experienced in alpine hiking, trail riding, and rock climbing.

TuttleMichael Tuttle

Received his BA in history from the University of Buffalo in 1990.  From there he attended the University of Maine at Orono and graduated with a Master of Arts  in history in 1994. While at the University of Maine he became interested in the field of maritime archaeology and followed that goal by enrolling in the program in Maritime Studies at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, from which he graduated in 1995. Upon returning to the United States he was employed in many high profile underwater archaeological projects and obtained a permanent position with the firm Panamerican Consultants out of Memphis, Tennessee. During the years while he was focusing on underwater archaeology, Mr. Tuttle participated in over 100 field archaeological projects that extended from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Western rivers, the Netherlands, Scotland, the Caribbean Islands, Pacific Islands, Ghana and Madagascar.  Acting as remote sensing specialist, archaeological diver, crew chief, or principle investigator, Mr. Tuttle has always played a crucial role in these examinations.  He has authored or contributed to over 60 field reports and presented papers at numerous regional and national conferences. Reaching his maximum potential in his career trajectory as a field archaeologist, Michael has returned to university to pursue a PhD to further feed his passion for maritime history.  At present he is ABD in the history program at the Pennsylvania State University, and teaches US, Western and World history while completing his dissertation, which focuses on Colonial and Revolutionary era mariners. Michael is currently a director of the Serapis Project where he has continued to work after the untimely passing of the projects founder, Mr, Richard “Dick” Swete. While pursuing his degree he has continued to work on many high profile archaeological projects and stays keenly attune with maritime related professional societies and current activities in the field of maritime archaeology.

Link to the Serapis Project

drewAndrew White

A veteran diver with over 14 years experience, Andrew’s diving certifications include deep air, staged decompression, advanced rescue, rebreather, and technical nitrox. He has been a contributor on several deep wreck and spring expeditions to depths of 240 fsw. A seasoned traveler, Andrew has logged dives in 12 different countries and three Hawaiian Islands. His expertise in travel logistics proves invaluable on expeditions to remote locations. The bulk of his experience is in Central America and the Caribbean where he possesses an impeccable knowledge of the underwater realm, and a deep understanding of the culture and history of each region.


When not underwater, Andrew is a marketing professional and an accomplished writer. His background is multifarious with past employments that include dive shop clerk, mate on the charter boat Phoenix, Associate Editor for Advanced Diver Magazine, Marketing Manager (and boat captain) for Wellcraft, Scarab, and Hydra-Sports boats and manager of two of the world’s most lucrative saltwater fishing tours, the FLW Kingfish Tour, and the FLW Striper Series.

Being a Florida native and former resident of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, Andrew has a lifetime of experience on and in the water. His favorite dive locations include his home waters of the central Gulf of Mexico and the British Virgin Islands. Underwater hunting tops the charts as his favorite pastime but Andrew also is fanatical about fishing, surfing and photography.


JustinJustin McNesky

Justin McNesky has been a dive instructor for over 17 years and holds numerous instructor level certifications within the diving industry. These rating include Open Water Instructor (NAUI #18069), Nitrox Instructor (IANTD# 2738), Rebreather Instructor (IANTD#2738), Mixed Gas Blender (NAUI# 11932) and many other associated qualifications.  With these qualifications, Justin has certified over 1000 divers in numerous aspects of diving.  Justin also served as the personal instructor for the Manatee County Marine Rescue Division (Manatee County, Fl), and numerous other government agency’s. Justin received his B.A. in Anthropology/Archaeology from Eckerd College (St Petersburg, Florida).  After receiving his degree in archaeology, Mr. McNesky has and continues to participate in  archaeological projects such as the most recent 2008 work in Madagascar on the Serapis Project . Justin has worked on many high profile archaeological projects throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. As an avid diver and traveler, Justin has dived countless wrecks and reefs around the world. As an educator, Justin excels in his desire to pass on his knowledge of the underwater realm.

Always the outdoorsman, Justin has devoted much his life to discovering the many wonders of our natural world. He is especially passionate about the marine environment. Justin has an incredible amount of experience in international travel and has been leading expeditions for over 15 years. He has logged dive time all over the globe from the bottom of Florida’s deep springs, to the atolls of the South Pacific, and countless wrecks and reefs in between.  Justin has been an instructor for Scuba Quest for over 15 years. His world experience in dive travel and his past work with countless students of all ages and ethnicities have elevated him to be one of the premier dive instructors in the U.S. Please feel free to contact us about about our private SCUBA certifications.

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