Private Scuba Diving Classes

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Extreme Dive Adventures Private Scuba Dive Certification

Thinking of getting certified to scuba dive? Or would you like to increase your level of scuba certification but do not have the time for months long classes? Extreme Dive Adventures offers the best in private scuba dive certification programs for Southwest Florida. Let our professional instructors be your guide to learning to scuba dive in the underwater world.

Private Scuba Dive Certification Program


When you sign up for our private scuba dive certification class our instructors cater to your schedule. Our staff will work widive-studentth you upon registration to set up a class time and place that is most convenient for you in the Bradenton/Sarasota area. Scuba certification courses can be completed in as few as five days. Our classes are conducted in a private setting with heavy emphasis on individual attention. Our private scuba dive certification program can be tailored to a single individual, couples, or larger groups. This is a convenient option for families, friends, or businesses who would like to learn to scuba dive as a private group. The private scuba diving certification classes are broken down into classroom hours, pool and in-water skills, and finally, open water check out dives.


Private Scuba Dive Instructors


TurtleOur NAUI certified scuba diving instructors are some of the most experienced scuba instructors in the world. With 25 years experience and over 2,500 students certified in 5 different countries around the world, we have the knowledge and experience to make your certification class an enriching and enjoyable endeavor. Safety is our number 1 priority and we take great pride in providing the highest level of training to our students in a safe and secure environment. In addition to this we truly love what we do and take great pleasure in introducing new divers to the fantastic wonders of the underwater realm. We build relationships with our students and pride ourselves on return customers and referrals.


Justin McNesky, NAUI Certified Instructor

Andrew White, NAUI Certified Dive MasterReef


Private Scuba Certifications

Our private scuba dive certification classes can certify you in any level of scuba diving from basic scuba diver to dive master and many specialty courses. Below is a complete list of the private scuba dive classes offered. Upon completion of the course, all graduating students will receive an official NAUI scuba certification, which is highly respected and recognized worldwide.

Scuba Diving Certifications

Scuba Diver
Advanced Scuba Diver
Rescue Diver
Mixed Gas Blender
Dive Master
Deep Diver

Specialty Scuba Diving Certifications

Underwater Hunter
Underwater Naturalist
Wreck Diver
Underwater Photographer

 Materials and EquipmentReef 2

 The basic materials needed are mask, snorkel, and fins. All class materials and rental scuba equipment is included in the price of the class. Our instructors are extremely experienced in all types and manufacturers of scuba gear and will work with you if needed to assist in choosing the best equipment for your personal use. Our partners at Scuba Quest operate 7 retail locations throughout the state of Florida and offer one of the best selections of quality scuba gear through their website

Pricing and Schedule
Call us today to schedule a private scuba diving certification class. (941) 932-7702