Extreme Dive Adventures Incorporated is dedicated to protecting your privacy.

YOUR PRIVACY: We do not require visitors to our site to register, such as listing your name, mailing address etc, unless formally requested to book an excursion/trip or require additional information not available on our website. When a customer books an excursion/trip with Extreme Diver Adventures (EDA), the information collected during that process is limited to the company’s requirements to book said trip. This information is retained solely by EDA and no elements of this information, whether in part or in whole is ever shared, sold or otherwise released to any other entity or company.

ELECTRONIC CONTACT: By visiting our site, you will not be subject to any further solicitation from EDA, unless you formally book/reserve one of our excursions/trips. Again, upon booking/reserving an excursion/trip with EDA you may be contacted in a manner of ways including but not limited to electronic mail, delivered mail and or telephone.

ORDER PROTECTION: All orders placed with EDA are processed through an encrypted SSL for your protection and is fully secure from any unauthorized access.

IP ADDRESSES: Web servers automatically identify your computer by its IP address.

Extreme Dive Adventures collects these to track the dates and times of access to analyze trends and to help protect the site to enforce compliance with our rules/policies and to protect our customers and visitors.

LINKED INTERNET SITES: Please understand and be aware that any and all links found in our website may contain privacy rules that differ from EDAs set forth in this statement.. Under no circumstances is EDA responsible for content or other sites privacy rules and provisions as set forth in or by said linked sites.

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